About us


Develop Me specialises in bringing the highest quality experiential learning training into the secondary school classroom. Through experiential learning we currently focus on two critical areas for today’s students: project management and understanding effective teamwork.

Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience, and is more specifically defined as “learning through reflection on doing”.

We don’t come in and present to your students or give them a talk or lecture. Our workshops start with the students being placed in engaging, interactive, fun scenarios. The students are then asked to work together to come up with a way to approach the situation that will lead to a successful outcome.


After they have tackled our scenarios, the real strength of our sessions comes out in our powerful debriefs, where students reflect on how they did, identify how they could have done better and learn best practices for either project management or operating as an effective team, depending on the programme they’ve just done.

As per the Transition Year guidelines for schools, Transition Year “provides a bridge to help students make the transition from a highly-structured environment to one where they will take greater responsibility for their own learning and decision making. Pupils will participate in learning strategies which are active and experiential and which help them to develop a range of transferable critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills.” This is our specialty.